Water/Wastewater Funding Applications

The following documents are required as part of the request for funding process:

The ANRC Application Form is used for requesting grants, deferred loans or loans from the ANRC funding programs.

The Resolution of Intent is required when issuing tax-exempt bonds. It states the intention to issue tax-exempt bonds for a specific project and the desire to use the part of the proceeds for cost incurred prior to Bond Closing. This is not a binding document on the entity seeking funding.

The Signatory Authority Resolution simply tells ANRC who the official representative of the entity will be for that project.

The Waste/Wastewater Advisory Committee is required to review all projects seeking funding from ANRC. A copy of the WWAC recommendation letter must be attached to the ANRC Request for Funding form. You can learn more about this committee by clicking here.

For information on the Arkansas Community and Economic Development Program, (HUD) click here.

For more information contact:
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