Arkansas Water Plan

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The information below is related to the 1990 Arkansas Water Plan Update.

PAST - Years use of Arkansas' abundant ground and surface water has seemed negligible. But, growing demands lowered ground water levels and threatened to degrade the quality and limit quantity of this most important life sustaining resource.

PRESENT - Identified problems and potential solutions rapidly change with current data. Latest information shows that in the last twenty years, the use of surface and ground water resources has multiplied significantly - due to the increase in irrigated land. Population growth and economic expansion have also contributed to the problem.

FUTURE - Projections indicate requirements for surface and ground water will more than double again by the year 2020. Therefore, careful planning and management is essential to assure continued availability of quality surface and ground water. This will be accomplished by identifying and evaluating water problems and presenting specific solutions and recommendations to meet future water needs.

The Arkansas State Water Plan, in accordance with Acts 217 of 1969 and 1051 of 1985, consists of twelve basin reports and an executive summary.

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