2019 Arkansas River Flood

May 26, 2019

Governor Asa Hutchinson has declared a State of Emergency in anticipation of flood conditions with major flooding expected to last until next week.  Flood stage levels are expected to exceed those recorded during the 1990 event. 

The Arkansas National Guard has deployed two high-water-rescue teams to western Arkansas.  These teams will move southeast with the floodwaters and more Guardsmen will be deployed as needed.

For immediate assistance, contact your local emergency management official.  Assistance for those displaced by floodwaters can also be accessed via the American Red Cross Emergency App for Android and Apple phones. 


After the Flood

Cleaning up and recovering from flooding takes time and can be overwhelming. When you return home after a flood, you may be shaken to discover the level of damage to your home. Essential services that you once relied on such as power, water, sewage and gas services may not be working. Getting back to normal as quickly as possible is the best thing you can do after an emergency. Based on lessons learned from floods across the region, ANRC is providing a resource booklet to help get your life back to normal after a flood.


Information on the Flood: Where the Water May Go

  • To see how high the water might reach in your community, view the Corps of Engineers' flood inundation maps at this website: